About Us

We are not a gossip rag like you find on the news stands and supermarket checkout shelves. Rather, we provide news on every celebrity, or want-a-be celebrity, in a comprehensive, matter-of-fact fashion.

Okay, so maybe we are a little gossipy by nature, but isn't that what's so fun!

Our full staff of professional reporters, editors, photographers, designers, and programmers love celebrities as much as you do. Our inside sources connect us to many exciting locations around the world where celebrities roam free like tigers in a jungle. From Miami to Hollywood, New York to L.A., London to Tokyo, our reporters have their ear to the grindstone.

We report on Pop Star album releases, as well as Country Music Star benefit concerts. We write about Rap Stars going on tour, as well as Movie Stars releasing new cinema classics. From the newly discovered Reality TV Stars, to the aging Rock Stars, we report news on them all.

We report news on your favorite sports stars, too. From Derek Jeter to Tom Brady, Alex Rodriquez to David Beckham, our reporters know what celebrities you like best and we will be sure to let you know what they are up to now.

Let's face it, the world loves celebrities. That is why we have dedicated our entire site to reporting on them.

We hope you enjoy reading our celebrity news site, as much as we enjoy producing it.

Our Writers

We currently staff eight writers who are experienced in their field of expertise. Five of our writers currently write on all topics as they have connections in almost all areas of entertainment. One of our current writers has connections specifically in the movie and television entertainment fields. One of our writers has connections specifically in the sports entertainment field. We also just added a writer specifically to cover political celebrity news.

We are always looking for new writers and will update this list as our team grows.

Maggie Rinestone - Senior Writer & Editor
Michael Schwartz - Senior Writer & Editor
Dominique Sanchez - Staff Writer
Lou Baker - Staff Writer
Max Williams - Staff Writer
Brian Andrews - Politics Writer
Amy Ryan - Entertainment Writer
Jason Bennett - Sports Writer

Contact Information

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