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Singer Isaac Hayes was found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor of his house adjacent to a running treadmill, and after being attended by emergency personnel, he was pronounced dead in Memphis at 2 p.m. Sunday. Hayes had just recently completed work on a film called 'Soul Men", starring Bernie Mac, who died yesterday.
Lenny Kravitz came out harsh today aginst allegations that he was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia. He denied the affair, and claimed that the two are just friends.
Amy Winehouse should be seeking the same person who apparently has helped turn Britney Spears' life around. Winehouse was arrested on suspicion of drug possession after a night of partying.
The Police reunited last summer to start on a reunion tour that has taken them to various parts of the world. They have announced that the tour will end in New York City, with a concert to benefit arts programming for the city's public television stations.
Nine Inch Nails is giving back to their loyal fans. The rock band is offering their new album for free online. The band has put the album up for free before anyone was even able to buy it.
Jimi Hendrix will be considered by many to be the greatest guitarist of all time. Now, a DVD is about to be released that will show Hendrix was good at more than just playing the guitar. The new DVD will be released by porn video giants Vivid Entertainment.
Bon Jovi was scheduled to play a concert in Sunrise, Florida on Saturday night, but the show almost did not happen. People were evacuated because of a bomb scare. The show later went on as planned.
Elton John has just been named one of the ten richest British music millionaires. He made $470 million last year. Even more amazing than what he made, was what he donated to charity, $60.4 million.
Paul McCartney has gone through a lot in the past year in his divorce battle with now ex-wife, Heather Mills. McCartney is now focusing his attention on writing a coffee table book about his first wife, Linda.
Amy Winehouse has found herself back in the news. The singer was arrested in London on charges of suspicion of assault. The singer is accused of headbutting a man while out drinking.
Yoko Ono will resume her legal battle next week to keep private moments of John Lennon clear from the public. She is hoping to keep rare footage of Lennon from being released.
The life of a rock star must go on even in the most trying of times. Bruce Springsteen has announced the rescheduling of three concerts that were canceled due to the death of former E Street Band member Danny Federici.
Motley Crue has decided to model their newest tour after Ozzie Osbourne. The Crue have created Crue Fest, a festival that the band will headline themselves.
Bruce Springsteen has been as outspoken as any rock star politically over the years. After throwing his support behind John Kerry in 2004, "the Boss", has now come out and endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president.
Scott Weiland may have already known his future plans when he walked off the stage of a Velvet Revovler concert, only days later there was an announcement of a Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour.