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Political Star NewsMost of the time those in politics become a celebrity for doing something awful, or weird, but sometimes political people make news for bringing people together, or doing something great, too. Our Political Celebrity News is updated on a daily basis.

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Republicans come up with a few clever slogans and repeat them. They keep it simple and they connect with the American people. Then they win elections. Democrats must learn this strategy, and master it, if they wish to win in November.
Despite pleas and commandments from Barack Obama, his numerous supporters in the media are conducting as biased a smear campaign against Sarah Palin as any the Republicans have perpetrated in the past.
Movie director Michael Moore displayed his callousness and commitment to zealotry by cheering Hurricane Gustav, as the impending destruction might disrupt the Republican Convention.
Barack Obama was to give a speech that no one would expect, then MSNBC analysts got a hold of the speech and started prematurely reading it to its viewers. MSNBC acted like spoiled children who search for their presents before Christmas morning.
Madonna's virulent attack on John McCain may be a blessing in disguise for McCain, as alienation from the pop curiosity that Madonna has become may be be more helpful than harmful.
Rielle Hunter, the latest in what has become a lengthy list of supposed celebrities made famous simply for lack of sexual discretion, is now making headlines for her reputed swipes at Elizabeth Edwards. Edwards, the wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards, was undergoing very serious cancer treatments at the time her husband dallied with Hunter.
Barack Obama moved a step closer to securing the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States. On Saturday, officials for the Party ruled that delegates from Michigan and Florida would be seated at the convention, but they would only have half of a vote.
Senator Ted Kennedy was rushed to the hospital in the early morning hours on Saturday due to possible stroke like symptoms. Reports are still coming about the current condition of the second most elder member of the Senate.
Michael Moore has been working on a new film that will serve as a follow up to his classic documentary, 'Fahrenheit 911'. In order to keep from being seen as a politically motivated film it will not be released until next year, after the presidential elections.
Barack Obama has taken everything that Hillary Clinton's campaign has thrown at him. He has withstood the storm, and now appears headed towards receiving the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.
The big day has finally come for President George Bush's daughter, Jenna. The younger Bush will be married on Saturday at her dad's 1,600 acre ranch to Henry Hager the son of a Virginia Republican.
It was a strong day for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The front runner for the Democratic nomination pulled ahead in the only area Hillary Clinton has led up to this point, superdelegate count.
Hillary Clinton has put up a good fight against Barack Obama, but it looks as though her campaign is crumbling. David Bonior, former Michigan Rep and director of John Edwards presidential campaign, has endorsed Barack Obama.
Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is backing Senator Barack Obama for President. On Monday, an emotional ranting on his website explained why Obama should be America's next leader. Moore is hoping that today Pennsylvania will agree.
Barack Obama is the leader in the race for the Democratic nomination for President. Hillary Clinton is hoping a strong showing in the Pennsylvania primary will vault her back into contention. The two are ready to face off in the polls on Tuesday.