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Reality TV StarsAmerican Idol information can be found on this page of Read updated news about Reality TV Stars that may have been discovered on shows like the Bachelor or American Idol.

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American Idol resumes its' live shows on Tuesday, and there can be no bigger contrast in the perceived top two and bottom two. All four will be on stage to battle it out as the competition continues.
In between performances, American Idol contestants are treated to various perks throughout the competition. For the final four, this weeks perk was a visit to Circue du Soleil in Las Vegas to see the performance of the Beatles' 'Love'.
Shanna Moakler knows the nanny that is accusing Rob Lowe and his wife of sexual harassment. Laura Boyce also babysits for Moakler, who is standing by her babysitter. Lowe's wife Sheryl has called the allegations, "sickening."
Shannon Elizabeth can now go on with her life without being judged by harsh critics. The move star, turned poker player, has been eliminated from 'Dancing With The Stars" on Wednesday night.
Paula Abdul put the other judges and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest in an uncomfortable position on Tuesday night. The singer and American Idol judge has denied rumors that she was drunk when she caused the uncofortable scene.
Brooke White made a long run through the American Idol process, but on Wednesday night it came to an end. White was eliminated from the competition.
American Idol has acknowledged that the show may need some changes next year. A survey has circulated and the consensus is that FOX may be looking for ways to bring viewers back.
The past two weeks have seen Mariah Carey and Andrew Lloyd Webber be the mentors to the American Idol finalists. This week, Neil Diamond takes his turn mentoring the contestants.
Kim Kardashian has revealed details of a dinner she once shared with presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The socialite claims that even back then, he was focused on spreading his word of change.
TV is getting a new star. And the new star they are getting already is a big star. Jennifer Lopez has landed a deal with cable TV network TLC to star in a new reality TV series that will show her living her daily life, raising twins and launching a new perfume.
Reality star, Steve-O, was arrested last month for vandalization and drug possession. He checked himself into psychiatric treatment at UCLA after posting a $20,000 bail. He appeared in court Wednesday, pleading not-guilty to felony of cocaine possession.
Jordin Sparks was the winner of American Idol last season. She currently was slated to open for Alicia Keys, but has canceled her appearance on the tour until May because of an injury to vocal chords.
Bret Michaels has successfully completed his second season of 'Rock of Love'. The show aired its reunion show on Sunday night, and just like most reality television reunion shows, it was not without incident.
Priscilla Presley was the wife of one of the most accomplished dancers in rock and roll history, according to some people. The moves of her late husband, Elvis, did not translate to a strong showing on "Dancing With The Stars", for Priscilla. She was ousted from the show on Tuesday.
American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook has survived several trips into the dreaded bottom three. Her latest trip on Wednesday night, however, was the last she will make on the show. She was eliminated from the competition.
Donald Trump was at a lavish affair on Saturday. He was a guest at his ex-wife Ivana's wedding. The ceremony was held in Palm Beach, Florida.
Vanilla Ice showed his aggressive side on reality television on VH1. That aggressive side apparently came out at home on Thursday night. Rob Van Winkle was arrested on thursday for domestic violence. On Friday, he was released from jail.
Michael Johns was one of the resident rockers on this year's American Idol competition. On Thursday night, he was eliminated from the show by voters.

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