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Reality TV StarsAmerican Idol information can be found on this page of Read updated news about Reality TV Stars that may have been discovered on shows like the Bachelor or American Idol.

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The Dancing With The Stars Results have been tabulated and the winner will be revealed on tonight's live finale. The fans have spoken and the winner will be....
The Dancing With the The Stars finals begins on Monday night, and fans are debating over who will be the best on the first night of the finals. Kristi Yamaguchi is the prediction of many fans.
As the American Idol competition comes to a close on Tuesday a couple things have already been determined. David Cook is solid in his role as resident rocker, and David Archuleta and his father will not be needing any fast student loans.
The Dancing With The Stars reality television series has reached the end. The two night finally begins tomorrow, and only three contestants have a chance to become the next winner.
American Idol has one week left before the top ten finalist turn their attention to the summer tour. While American Idol tickets will be hard to come by, there still is one issue left to solve. Who will be the better David on Tuesday night?
Now that 'The Bachelor' has picked his mate, it is time for the men to vow for a woman. DeAnna Pappas is ready to have her pick of twenty five men on the series premiere of "The Bachelorette', Monday night.
America's Next Top Model concluded last night, and the results were out of the ordinary. For the first time, a plus size model, Whitney Thompson, emerged as the winner.
It had been anticipated that this was the way the American Idol results show was going to unfold. Syesha Mercado, as expected by Idol fans, was eliminated one show shy of the finale.
American Idol is in the final stages before crowning a champion, and the results are ready to be released tonight on who will be advancing to the finals. The insiders who have watched the show faithfully think this might be the end for Syesha Mercado.
There was not much surprise to the results of the 'Dancing With The Stars' show on Tuesday night. The outcome went according to the predictions of many fans, with Marissa Jaret Winokur being eliminated.
Shayne Lamas, the daughter of famous actor Lorenzo Lamas, was the winner of 'The Bachelor: London Calling'. Some, however, question whether she4 was on the show to find love or stardom. He famous father believes the answer is stardom.
The results show for this week's Dancing With The Stars live competition were revealed tonight. Jason Taylor, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Cristian de la Fuente have survived. Marissa Jaret Winokur is eliminated.
Dancing With The Stars had their live semi-finals show on Monday night. Kristi Yamaguchi returned to the top, leaving three other contestants to wonder if they will make it to the finals.
Anytime there is passionate dancing that goes on in any arena, a chance of romance exists. For Shannon Elizabeth, being on 'Dancing With The Stars' has created a new romance with Derek Hough. The couple is reported to be living together.
Creating arrangements can sometimes be a daunting task for American Idol contestants. David Archuleta has been receiving help from his father along the way. It will happen no more after he was banned from the American Idol rehearsals.
Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognizable figures in the United States. He has been going through much personal turmoil lately, and on Friday, his son Nick plead 'no contest' to reckless driving charges.
David Cook and David Archuleta cruised through another easy elimination show. Never have two contestants been so locked in at the same time, for so long.
American Idol is nearing the end of this season, meaning contestants have not much room to make mistakes. Jason Castro could have used that warning before his performances on Tuesday. The results have been released, and Castro has been eliminated.
Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins is at odds with the new boss of the team, Bill Parcells. Taylor survived another week of Dancing With The Stars, and the further he goes, the more a wedge will be driven between him and the team.
Dancing With The Stars held their 100th episode on Tuesday night. The show was a celebration for most, but for R&B singer Mario, it turned out to be his last appearance on the show as a competitor.

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