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Reality TV StarsAmerican Idol information can be found on this page of Read updated news about Reality TV Stars that may have been discovered on shows like the Bachelor or American Idol.

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Dancing With The Stars producers have once again showed that they can span many eras with their contestants. Cloris Leachman becomes the oldest person ever to compete, the actress is 82 years old.
American Idol is making changes thanks to their lowest ratings in years. The move to bring on a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi, could mean a battle between DioGuardi and longtime judge, Paula Abdul.
Tropical Storm Fay moved through Florida on Tuesday morning bringing with it heavy rains that produced water damage, the storm threatens two American Idol concerts that are set for Wednesday and Thursday in Sunrise and Tampa, Florida.
The word is that Kim Kardashian is prepared to give up much of her biggest asset. The would-be celebrity has told Radar magazine she is dieting and exercising to try to get into better shape.
American Idol catapulted Clay Aiken to stardom in the music industry. Even with all that has happened since Idol, it is Friday morning that Aiken will remember for the rest of his life. He became a father to Parker Foster Aiken.
"So You Think You Can Dance" was one of the top television hits of the summer. The show ended on Thursday night and to the surprise of some, Joshua was crowned the champion.
American Idol will be losing one of its most important pieces when the show resumes next season, and no, it is not Simon Cowell. Nigel Lythgoe, the show's executive producer is leaving his role to pursue other projects.
The American Idol season is officvially over, but not for the top ten contestants on the show. They have embarked on the annula American Idol tour and will be on the road until September 13th.
Tila Tequila took her opportunity to one by one send home potential boyfriends and girlfriends throughout her two season's of 'A Shot of Love'. On Tuesday, it was her turn to be sent home crying after her choice, Kristy, revealed she was not ready for a relationship with Tequila.
Hulk Hogan, speaking in an interview with People, claims VH1 may have helped in ending his marriage. He claims that letting cameras into the family home amplified already existing trouble in his marriage to his wife, Linda.
American Idol David Archuleta was one of the lucky teenagers that found the pot of gold at the end of his dreams. He has not yet enrolled in classes for next year, however, and that decision could negatively affect millions of other teens.
America's Got Talent has become the next big reality competition of the summer. After having surprising ratings the past two years, the show returns tonight with more outrageously funny and entertaining acts.
The season finale of 'Lost' drew big audiences from television viewers. Although the answer to whether there would be another season was answered, other questions remained a mystery throughout the finale.
David Cook and his career are off and running. His personal life has been kicked into high gear as well. Cook has now admitted to going on a date with former American Idol Kimberly Caldwell.
American Idol finalists have gone through the tough part. They have survived the competition, and now can look forward to having some fun. American Idol concert tickets are now on sale for the upcoming summer tour.
The Dancing With The Stars reality show has come to an end once again this week. Kristi Yamaguchi was the winner. Fans are now turning their attention to next season, and wondering who will become the next group of celebrity dancers.
American Idol is now over for another season. Fans will have to Get American Idol concert tickets if they want to continue to see their favorites from this year perform. Tonight, David Cook was crowned the newest American Idol.
American Idol will conclude another season tonight, and the voting was guaranteed to bring a close result. After all the votes were counted, the new winner of American idol is....
American Idol finalists will have their last chance to impress judges tonight. David Archuleta and David Cook will be trying to secure their place in Idol history, but only one will emerge victorious.
The season has finally ended for Dancing With The Stars. In a year when the finals featured two men and a women, Kristi Yamaguchi overcame the odds and won the competition.

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