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Miley Cyrus has another round of racy photographs that leaked onto the Internet to deal with. Posing in a suggestive manner is unlike her good girl image that teens around the world adore her for. This might be the making of a new naughty image for this teen starlet.
Love or hate her, pop star Britney Spears won't go away. Last month she made an appearance on the CBS hit show, 'How I Met Your Mother', and the critics gave her rave reviews. Rumor has it that the show was so popular that the producers couldn't resist asking her back to shoot another episode.
Vanessa Hudgens, 19 year old pop star, has a new single, 'Sneakernights', that is going to be available to listeners on Tuesday, May 20. Her new album, 'Identified', that features her new single will be released on Tuesday, June 24.
Debbie Gibson still tours the world singing the songs that made her famous. A man who runs a Gibson fan club has also been touring with her, uninvited. Gibson asked for and received a restraining order against the man.
Simon Cowell protege, Leona Lewis, topped U.S album charts this Wednesday with her debut album 'Spirit'. She is the first female British solo artist to top the U.S singles chart in 21 years.
Miley Cyrus is not only a teen sensation, she also is very rich. According to Parade magazine's "What People Earn" issue, Cyrus made a boatload of money in 2007. $18.2 million to be exact.
Ashlee Simpson has had an up and down music career so far. She is hoping that her next endeavor, a marriage to Pete Wentz, will not be such a rocky road. In order to avoid speculation of the couple's future plans, the couple has announced their engagement.
In what is considered to be breaking journalistic news, Jamie Lynn Spears was reported to be shopping at a Wal-Mart on her 17th birthday. Then she went to Ruby Tuesday to eat dinner with her fiance. She did all this while pregnant!
The New Kids on the Block are reuniting with a new album and a tour. The NKOTB started the now infamous boy band trend in the early 90's and for some reason they think coming back in the 21st century is a good idea.

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