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Britney Spears was so bad at last year's MTV awards, many thought she would take a mulligan and dance this year.
Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, is so used to special treatment that he obliviously posted on his blog complaining that gas prices are so high he has to forego his private jet.
Miley Cyrus is turning sixteen, and unlike other child superstars she will not be spending her birthday boozing. Instead, Cyrus is likely to be hungover on excitement after her fundraiser party at Disneyland in California.
The world's favorite ex-virgin, Madonna, turned fifty on Saturday, and she marked the occasion by cavorting and cuddling with husband Guy Ritchie, celebrating their newly invigorated relationship.
Worldwide Entertainment Group has a problem with Paris Hilton. The movie company is suing Hilton because they believe she did not live up to her obligation to movies that she was supposed to be promoting.
Paris Hilton returned fire with a clever parody after being portrayed in an unflattering manner by John McCain's campaign.
Ingrid Casares is a Miami night club owner who was first famous for bringing androgyny to Miami, but now will be famous for being Madonna's yes girl and supposed lover, according to Madonna's brother's new book.
Britney Spears' appearance in court alone signals a positive change for the former pop star. Spears was in court for a custody hearing that she is hoping will lead to more time with her children.
Avril Lavigne is in the middle of her latest tour. He voice is not cooperating with her, however, and she has had to cancel shows in both Phoenix and San Diego due to acute laryngitis.
Tina Turner has done the music thing as well as anyone. She has legions of fans across the world. Much to the delight of these fans, Turner has decided to hit the road and tour again for the first time in eight years.
Last week, host Bill O'Reilly went public with the idea that a media conference should be held to clear Miley Cyrus' reputation. The conference never happened, but Cyrus did finally apologize for the inappropriate photos.
Amy Winehouse has had a rough week with the law. She was arrested earlier in the week on charges of assault. Now, she has decided that she will be splitting up with her jailbird husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.
Madonna has been put through much to keep custody of Malawian David Banda, whom she is still going through adoption hearings with. The singer claims that it has not deterred her, and that she is ready to adopt another child.
Ashlee Simpson and hubby-to-be, Peter Wentz, revealed big news over the past two days. Ashlee revealed she is skinny, not pregnant. Peter announced he has a whining addiction. The two together admitted that they were recently robbed by monkeys.
Michael Jackson is still beloved across the world, despite allegations of child endangerment, and despite the fact that he has not recorded a new studio album in many years. Now, the 'King of Pop' has dumped his nanny and banned his kids from his studio so he can work solely on his next album.
Miley Cyrus has yet to speak about pictures that have been popping up of her in revealing clothes. Newsman Bill O'Reilly wants a media conference called to discuss the photos.
Amy Winehouse is apparently back in her self destructing mode. The singer was spotted screaming at a taxi driver who was looking to get paid for a ride.
Paris Hilton has been in the press over the past few weeks, and not for being a party girl. Rumors have been swirling about a possible marriage between her and boyfriend Benji Madden. Today, she denied the rumors, but confirmed a good relationship.
Disney announced today that they signed a book deal with Miley Cyrus worth seven figures. The book will feature the teen's memoirs about her relationship with her mother. Disney revealed the book will also contain unseen photos of the star.
Jordin Sparks was the winner of American Idol last season. She currently was slated to open for Alicia Keys, but has canceled her appearance on the tour until May because of an injury to vocal chords.

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