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Olympic hopefuls Sanya Richards and Lolo Jones both fought through obstacles in their lives with determination and discipline, reaching the finals of their respective track events...
With an ass bigger than Kim Kardashian, more rumors about him than a Madonna adoption, and supposedly on the short list to be Jennifer Aniston's next man, here comes Bigfoot.
Michael Phelps has to look up no more. He captured the 200 Butterfly event at the Olympics and has now set a record for the most gold medals by any athlete in Olympic history.
With the new iPhone G3 release comes a whole range of new and updated software needed to operate the phone. Users are finding that Apple may have crashed servers because of the mass usage today.
Abby Sacunas says she does not want to be known as a 'hot attorney' and so has threatened a website that claims that she is one. Although beautiful, Sacunas says she would rather be known for her intellectual prowess and for her skills in litigating cases for her law firm Cozen O'Connor in Philadelphia.
Russian model Ruslana Korshunova jumped to her death on Saturday from her Manhattan apartment. Members of her family do not believe the Medical Examiner's analysis that it was a suicide.
Spain came into the Euro 2008 championships as a team who is consistently one of the world's best, but could not win the big match. That is no longer the case after they defeated Germany 1-0 on Sunday to capture the Euro 2008 title.
George Carlin was a legendary comedian who paved the way for many of today's comics. On Sunday, the comedian passed away at St. John's Health Center of heart failure.
Big Brown came into the Belmont Stakes with tremendous pressure. The horse was the overwhelming favorite to win the race. He did not win the race, and he did not capture the triple crown, losing his chance at racing history.
Big Brown is quickly becoming one of those legendary horses that comes along once in a generation. On Saturday, Big Brown again ran away from the field and won the Preakness Stakes.
Big Brown was the favorite entering the running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. While it is tough to win the race as a favorite, Big Brown survived a large field to win, and began his quest to win the triple crown.
David Blaine has done many stunts involving him holding his breath for long periods of time. On Wednesday, Blaine broke the Guinness world record for breath-holding on 'The Oprah Winfrey Program'.
Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the call girl that was involved in the scandal involving former Governor Spitzer, is now suing 'Girls Gone Wild' founder, Joe Francis. The lawsuit focuses around Francis using Dupre's name and image without her consent.
David Beckham was supposed to be the impact player that would elevate the popularity of soccer in America. On Saturday night, his teammates found out what his presence meant to their organization.
Sigfried and Roy are at odds with former employees over a new book that was written on the two. The book has many allegations including that the pair was abusive to their animals, and engaged in group sex orgies.
Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is backing Senator Barack Obama for President. On Monday, an emotional ranting on his website explained why Obama should be America's next leader. Moore is hoping that today Pennsylvania will agree.
Danica Patrick has been a marketing tool for the IRL. She has appeared on many television shows and advertisements, but had never won a race. That all changed on Sunday when she won the Indy Japan 300.
Clive Davis has been an important figure in developing top musical talent. He has been replaced, however, as the CEO and Chairman of Sony BMG by Barry Weiss.
Tiger Woods finished runner up at the Masters last weekend. He did not use any excuses for not winning, but the announcement of Woods having surgery might shed light on his performance during the tournament.
Trevor Immelman knew at some point on Sunday he would hear the footsteps of Tiger Woods. He did, and he responded well, holding off Woods and winning the coveted Green Jacket at the Masters.

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