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Lindsay Lohan is making her way back into the spotlight much like Brittany Spears has. She will be featured on a highly popular television show. Lohan will be on the show 'Ugly Betty', for not only one episode, but six.
Uma Thurman has been going through an emotional roller coaster this week at the trial of her alleged stalker. This morning, the alleged stalker claimed he did not mean to scare the movie star.
Rob Lowe has already been accused of sexual harassment by a former nanny. Now, a second nanny is accusing Lowe's wife, Sheryl, of sexual harassment.
Will Ferrell had a co-star in his new movie Semi-Pro that was not human, it was a bear. Ferrell has been urged not to work with animals anymore after the bear from his movie attacked and killed a trainer in California.
Gwyneth Paltrow has denied accusations that she skipped a party that was being thrown in her honor. The Iron Man star, reportedly snubbed her family and friends who were in attendance at the party.
Wesley Snipes was hoping that his track record would keep him out of jail. He had character references from several high profile actors, but it did not stop the judge from sentencing him to three years in prison.
Scottish actor, Ewan McGregor, was confronted by a cancer scare while promoting his new film 'Deception'. He saw a specialist about some moles on his face, which resulted in having a cancerous mole removed from underneath his right eye.
Actress Sandra Bullock, and her husband Jesse James, were involved in a minor car accident involving a drunk driver Friday night. It resulted with no injuries, and the alleged drunken driver was arrested.
Jenna Jameson, former adult film star, is getting back into the movie industry. Only this time, it can be seen seen in regular movie theaters for all viewers of age. Jenna stars in Jay Lee's new film 'Zombie Strippers'.
Uma Thurman came close to having to tell producers she could not be on the set of her new movie. She was bailed out, however, after she was not chosen to participate in jury duty.
The critics have spoken and the word is good for Jason Segal and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The actor, and the movie, have both received high marks from movie critics. The movie opens tonight.
Al Pacino is arguably the best actor of all time. That may be the only thing that makes people go watch his new film '88 Minutes'. The script has been reviewed as being so horrible that the movie deserves to go straight to DVD.
Wesley Snipes is best known for the role he plays in movies. The star, however, is now facing a reality check. A Federal prosecutor has recommended the maximum sentence for Snipes in his tax convictions.
A sex tape that involves Marilyn Monroe engaging in a sex act... will remain private. A New York businessman bought the tape in an effort to keep it off the Internet. The price he paid for the tape was reportedly $1.5 million.
Charlton Heston can be remembered for a variety of roles. Whether it was his phenomenal movie roles, or his political prowess, Heston was an iconic figure to most whose lives he touched.

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