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Barack Obama was to give a speech that no one would expect, then MSNBC analysts got a hold of the speech and started prematurely reading it to its viewers. MSNBC acted like spoiled children who search for their presents before Christmas morning.
Former "Married With Children" star Christina Applegate confirmed she has had a double mastectomy to both remove the cancer she had contracted and prevent future occurrences.
Rielle Hunter, the latest in what has become a lengthy list of supposed celebrities made famous simply for lack of sexual discretion, is now making headlines for her reputed swipes at Elizabeth Edwards. Edwards, the wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards, was undergoing very serious cancer treatments at the time her husband dallied with Hunter.
Everyman comedian Bernie Mac died Saturday from complications due to pneumonia. Mac, a popular figure in both television and film, was 50. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Rhonda; his daughter, Je'Niece; and his granddaughter, Jasmine.
Abby Sacunas says she does not want to be known as a 'hot attorney' and so has threatened a website that claims that she is one. Although beautiful, Sacunas says she would rather be known for her intellectual prowess and for her skills in litigating cases for her law firm Cozen O'Connor in Philadelphia.
Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves became the latest set of Hollywood parents on Monday when they had a baby boy. That comes one day after Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed a baby girl into their family.
Spain came into the Euro 2008 championships as a team who is consistently one of the world's best, but could not win the big match. That is no longer the case after they defeated Germany 1-0 on Sunday to capture the Euro 2008 title.
Leonardo DiCaprio is coming back to the big screen as video game tycoon Nolan Bushnell. Paramount has picked up the film that will detail the life and rise to fame of Bushnell, who founded the Atari video game corporation.
The season has finally ended for Dancing With The Stars. In a year when the finals featured two men and a women, Kristi Yamaguchi overcame the odds and won the competition.
Senator Ted Kennedy was rushed to the hospital in the early morning hours on Saturday due to possible stroke like symptoms. Reports are still coming about the current condition of the second most elder member of the Senate.
America's Next Top Model concluded last night, and the results were out of the ordinary. For the first time, a plus size model, Whitney Thompson, emerged as the winner.
It had been anticipated that this was the way the American Idol results show was going to unfold. Syesha Mercado, as expected by Idol fans, was eliminated one show shy of the finale.
Chris Brown has been linked to Rihanna romantically before. The rumors are heating up once again, but this time it is Rihanna herself who is fueling the couple talk.
Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins is at odds with the new boss of the team, Bill Parcells. Taylor survived another week of Dancing With The Stars, and the further he goes, the more a wedge will be driven between him and the team.
Harrison Ford has been waiting twenty years to do the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Now the the time has finally come, the movie headlines a list of action movies that will be released this summer.
Kobe Bryant has been considered by many to be the best player in the NBA for a long time. Now, it appears Bryant will have the hardware to make a case for himself. It has been reported that Bryant will win this year's MVP award for the NBA.
Shanna Moakler knows the nanny that is accusing Rob Lowe and his wife of sexual harassment. Laura Boyce also babysits for Moakler, who is standing by her babysitter. Lowe's wife Sheryl has called the allegations, "sickening."
Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have already won their first round playoff series with the Denver Nuggets. The basketball and his team now have their sights set on a championship.
Rapper Nas has come out and thanked Yoko Ono for splitting up the Beatles. If not for her, Nas says, the world would never have had the opportunity to hear some of Lennon's individual work. He applauds her for going against public opinion.
The past two weeks have seen Mariah Carey and Andrew Lloyd Webber be the mentors to the American Idol finalists. This week, Neil Diamond takes his turn mentoring the contestants.