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Late-night television stars David Letterman and Jay Leno may be breaking an icy rivalry after Letterman expressed sympathy for the "Tonight Show" host and invited him on Letterman's "Late Show".
Dancing With The Stars producers have once again showed that they can span many eras with their contestants. Cloris Leachman becomes the oldest person ever to compete, the actress is 82 years old.
With an ass bigger than Kim Kardashian, more rumors about him than a Madonna adoption, and supposedly on the short list to be Jennifer Aniston's next man, here comes Bigfoot.
The American Idol season is officvially over, but not for the top ten contestants on the show. They have embarked on the annula American Idol tour and will be on the road until September 13th.
Russian model Ruslana Korshunova jumped to her death on Saturday from her Manhattan apartment. Members of her family do not believe the Medical Examiner's analysis that it was a suicide.
Hulk Hogan, speaking in an interview with People, claims VH1 may have helped in ending his marriage. He claims that letting cameras into the family home amplified already existing trouble in his marriage to his wife, Linda.
Martha Stewart not only is considered a former criminal in the United States, but also in other countries. She was denied a visa to Britain this past week where she was planning business meetings.
American Idol finalists will have their last chance to impress judges tonight. David Archuleta and David Cook will be trying to secure their place in Idol history, but only one will emerge victorious.
There was not much surprise to the results of the 'Dancing With The Stars' show on Tuesday night. The outcome went according to the predictions of many fans, with Marissa Jaret Winokur being eliminated.
Liv Tyler knows all about the rock and roll lifestyle. She grew up a child to a famous rocker, and has been married for the past five years to a British rocker. That marriage is now going to end in divorce.
Amy Winehouse should be seeking the same person who apparently has helped turn Britney Spears' life around. Winehouse was arrested on suspicion of drug possession after a night of partying.
Tina Turner has done the music thing as well as anyone. She has legions of fans across the world. Much to the delight of these fans, Turner has decided to hit the road and tour again for the first time in eight years.
Uma Thurman has been going through an emotional roller coaster this week at the trial of her alleged stalker. This morning, the alleged stalker claimed he did not mean to scare the movie star.
Rob Lowe has already been accused of sexual harassment by a former nanny. Now, a second nanny is accusing Lowe's wife, Sheryl, of sexual harassment.
American Idol has acknowledged that the show may need some changes next year. A survey has circulated and the consensus is that FOX may be looking for ways to bring viewers back.
David Beckham was supposed to be the impact player that would elevate the popularity of soccer in America. On Saturday night, his teammates found out what his presence meant to their organization.
Bon Jovi was scheduled to play a concert in Sunrise, Florida on Saturday night, but the show almost did not happen. People were evacuated because of a bomb scare. The show later went on as planned.
Michael Jackson is still beloved across the world, despite allegations of child endangerment, and despite the fact that he has not recorded a new studio album in many years. Now, the 'King of Pop' has dumped his nanny and banned his kids from his studio so he can work solely on his next album.
Sigfried and Roy are at odds with former employees over a new book that was written on the two. The book has many allegations including that the pair was abusive to their animals, and engaged in group sex orgies.
TV is getting a new star. And the new star they are getting already is a big star. Jennifer Lopez has landed a deal with cable TV network TLC to star in a new reality TV series that will show her living her daily life, raising twins and launching a new perfume.