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Republicans come up with a few clever slogans and repeat them. They keep it simple and they connect with the American people. Then they win elections. Democrats must learn this strategy, and master it, if they wish to win in November.
Despite pleas and commandments from Barack Obama, his numerous supporters in the media are conducting as biased a smear campaign against Sarah Palin as any the Republicans have perpetrated in the past.
Olympic hopefuls Sanya Richards and Lolo Jones both fought through obstacles in their lives with determination and discipline, reaching the finals of their respective track events...
Teddy Dupay, a former Florida Gator basketball player, has been arrested by police on charges of sexual assault and rape. Florida universities are known to produce criminals, but typically them come from FSU, not from Gator nation.
Will Smith is in the middle of a string that would make him a superstar if he was an athlete. His latest movie, 'Hancock', was first at the box office over the weekend. It was Smith's eighth consecutive film that began at number one.
While cameras continue to follow both Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia, one thing is certain. The two did not spend the Fourth of July holiday together, fueling more speculation of their pending break up.
Heather Locklear is getting ready to enter another stage of her life. Therapy. The former 'Melrose Place' star has entered a medical facility to help deal with psychological stress, according to her rep.

Speculation has been turned up on NBC News as to who would be the succesor to Tim Russert hosting 'Meet The Press'. This weekend, NBC announced that Tom Brokaw would be the replacement through the election in November.

Tim Russert's unexpected death has sent shock waves through the news community. On Tuesday, he will be remembered at services in Washington D.C. at St. Albans School, Cafritz Refectory.
Clint Eastwood finally shot back at Spike Lee. Eastwood had harsh words for Lee after Lee criticized the legendary actor and director for not using any African Americans in his movie about Iwo Jima.
George Clooney is one of the most popular celebrities inn the world. He is also one of the most coveted by woman. They may once again get their chance after reports surfaced of a break up between Clooney and girlfriend, Sarah Larson.
As the American Idol competition comes to a close on Tuesday a couple things have already been determined. David Cook is solid in his role as resident rocker, and David Archuleta and his father will not be needing any fast student loans.
The results show for this week's Dancing With The Stars live competition were revealed tonight. Jason Taylor, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Cristian de la Fuente have survived. Marissa Jaret Winokur is eliminated.
Anytime there is passionate dancing that goes on in any arena, a chance of romance exists. For Shannon Elizabeth, being on 'Dancing With The Stars' has created a new romance with Derek Hough. The couple is reported to be living together.
The Sopranos was one of the most popular HBO series' of all time. Creator David Chase has decided to try his hand on the big screen by writing a movie for Paramount Pictures.
The Police reunited last summer to start on a reunion tour that has taken them to various parts of the world. They have announced that the tour will end in New York City, with a concert to benefit arts programming for the city's public television stations.
Roger Clemens is just starting to settle back in to normal life after the chaos of the baseball off season. The normalcy will have to wait a bit longer after allegations surfaced of an affair with an underage singer.
Jimmy Fallon has been an NBC guy for many years. He has been on Saturday Night Live, and now is ready to take over for Conan O'Brien as the host of Late Night when O'Brien Moves To the Tonight Show in 2009.
Hank Steinbrenner has picked up right where his famous father left off. Steinbrenner gave his opinion on Joba Chamberlain, and what he had to say created a controversy.
Danica Patrick has been a marketing tool for the IRL. She has appeared on many television shows and advertisements, but had never won a race. That all changed on Sunday when she won the Indy Japan 300.