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Movie director Michael Moore displayed his callousness and commitment to zealotry by cheering Hurricane Gustav, as the impending destruction might disrupt the Republican Convention.
The world's favorite ex-virgin, Madonna, turned fifty on Saturday, and she marked the occasion by cavorting and cuddling with husband Guy Ritchie, celebrating their newly invigorated relationship.
"So You Think You Can Dance" was one of the top television hits of the summer. The show ended on Thursday night and to the surprise of some, Joshua was crowned the champion.
Paris Hilton returned fire with a clever parody after being portrayed in an unflattering manner by John McCain's campaign.
Ingrid Casares is a Miami night club owner who was first famous for bringing androgyny to Miami, but now will be famous for being Madonna's yes girl and supposed lover, according to Madonna's brother's new book.
Tila Tequila took her opportunity to one by one send home potential boyfriends and girlfriends throughout her two season's of 'A Shot of Love'. On Tuesday, it was her turn to be sent home crying after her choice, Kristy, revealed she was not ready for a relationship with Tequila.
America's Got Talent has become the next big reality competition of the summer. After having surprising ratings the past two years, the show returns tonight with more outrageously funny and entertaining acts.
The season finale of 'Lost' drew big audiences from television viewers. Although the answer to whether there would be another season was answered, other questions remained a mystery throughout the finale.
The Dancing With the The Stars finals begins on Monday night, and fans are debating over who will be the best on the first night of the finals. Kristi Yamaguchi is the prediction of many fans.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been busy building themselves a family. On Wednesday, Jolie acknowledged that the family will be getting substantially bigger. The couple is expecting twins.
Jimmy Fallon is following in the footsteps of Conan O'Brien. When O'Brien makes the move to become the host of 'The Tonight Show', Fallon will take over the hosting duties on 'Late Night'.
The big day has finally come for President George Bush's daughter, Jenna. The younger Bush will be married on Saturday at her dad's 1,600 acre ranch to Henry Hager the son of a Virginia Republican.
American Idol is nearing the end of this season, meaning contestants have not much room to make mistakes. Jason Castro could have used that warning before his performances on Tuesday. The results have been released, and Castro has been eliminated.
Nine Inch Nails is giving back to their loyal fans. The rock band is offering their new album for free online. The band has put the album up for free before anyone was even able to buy it.
In between performances, American Idol contestants are treated to various perks throughout the competition. For the final four, this weeks perk was a visit to Circue du Soleil in Las Vegas to see the performance of the Beatles' 'Love'.
Sean Diddy Combs received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday. With his usual flair, Combs marked the occasion by having a large party of 250 people at billionaire Ron Burkle's estate.
David Blaine has done many stunts involving him holding his breath for long periods of time. On Wednesday, Blaine broke the Guinness world record for breath-holding on 'The Oprah Winfrey Program'.
Last week, host Bill O'Reilly went public with the idea that a media conference should be held to clear Miley Cyrus' reputation. The conference never happened, but Cyrus did finally apologize for the inappropriate photos.
Gwyneth Paltrow has denied accusations that she skipped a party that was being thrown in her honor. The Iron Man star, reportedly snubbed her family and friends who were in attendance at the party.
Carmen Electra has been married twice before, but that is not stopping her from trying again. Electra is now engaged to be married to her boyfriend of less than one year, Rob Patterson, after he popped the question over the weekend in Las Vegas.