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Tropical Storm Fay moved through Florida on Tuesday morning bringing with it heavy rains that produced water damage, the storm threatens two American Idol concerts that are set for Wednesday and Thursday in Sunrise and Tampa, Florida.
The word is that Kim Kardashian is prepared to give up much of her biggest asset. The would-be celebrity has told Radar magazine she is dieting and exercising to try to get into better shape.
With the new iPhone G3 release comes a whole range of new and updated software needed to operate the phone. Users are finding that Apple may have crashed servers because of the mass usage today.
Nicole Kidman finally took some of the spotlight away from former husband Tom Cruise. Kidman and her current husband announced the birth of their first child, a girl, on Monday.
Barack Obama moved a step closer to securing the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States. On Saturday, officials for the Party ruled that delegates from Michigan and Florida would be seated at the convention, but they would only have half of a vote.
On Thursday, a rare weekday screening took place for the new Indiana Jones movie, and the early numbers are not good for producers. The screening closed at $25 million, but the Memorial Day weekend could help increase those figures.
The Dancing With The Stars reality television series has reached the end. The two night finally begins tomorrow, and only three contestants have a chance to become the next winner.
Big Brown is quickly becoming one of those legendary horses that comes along once in a generation. On Saturday, Big Brown again ran away from the field and won the Preakness Stakes.
American Idol has one week left before the top ten finalist turn their attention to the summer tour. While American Idol tickets will be hard to come by, there still is one issue left to solve. Who will be the better David on Tuesday night?
American Idol is in the final stages before crowning a champion, and the results are ready to be released tonight on who will be advancing to the finals. The insiders who have watched the show faithfully think this might be the end for Syesha Mercado.
Michael Moore has been working on a new film that will serve as a follow up to his classic documentary, 'Fahrenheit 911'. In order to keep from being seen as a politically motivated film it will not be released until next year, after the presidential elections.
Barack Obama has taken everything that Hillary Clinton's campaign has thrown at him. He has withstood the storm, and now appears headed towards receiving the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.
Creating arrangements can sometimes be a daunting task for American Idol contestants. David Archuleta has been receiving help from his father along the way. It will happen no more after he was banned from the American Idol rehearsals.
Hillary Clinton has put up a good fight against Barack Obama, but it looks as though her campaign is crumbling. David Bonior, former Michigan Rep and director of John Edwards presidential campaign, has endorsed Barack Obama.
Brooke White made a long run through the American Idol process, but on Wednesday night it came to an end. White was eliminated from the competition.
Jimi Hendrix will be considered by many to be the greatest guitarist of all time. Now, a DVD is about to be released that will show Hendrix was good at more than just playing the guitar. The new DVD will be released by porn video giants Vivid Entertainment.
Elton John has just been named one of the ten richest British music millionaires. He made $470 million last year. Even more amazing than what he made, was what he donated to charity, $60.4 million.
Ashlee Simpson and hubby-to-be, Peter Wentz, revealed big news over the past two days. Ashlee revealed she is skinny, not pregnant. Peter announced he has a whining addiction. The two together admitted that they were recently robbed by monkeys.
The 'Rock The Bells' tour has a history of bringing bands back together to perform. This year will be no different with A Tribe Called Quest reuniting to headline the tour. The band has not been together in six years.
John Smoltz is one of the few players who has been with one major league team for many years. On Tuesday, he reached the 3,000 strikeout milestone.