Republicans Rule Over Democrats
Republicans are better campaigners than Democrats. This is why they win, this is why they will keep winning. Republicans run campaigns using simplistic formulas that connect with the American public. Democrats run complicated campaigns based on ideas that make little sense to the American public.

The Republican formula is simple. For each election, for each campaign, their formula is to come up with clever phrases that Americans believe to be true, then repeat them. These statements need not be true, they must simply be repeated. They must be repeated until every American has heard them and memorized them. This will equate to a Republican win in November.

In this year's presidential campaign the Republicans are sticking with their formula and are thus far succeeding in gaining the upper hand. Here are the phrases that you will hear until November 4th from the Republican campaign. We are 'anti-cronyism'. We will break up the 'good ol' boys network'. We will 'lower taxes'. We will 'protect the homeland'. We will beat terrorism over there,
so they don't come over here. Repeat.

Look at Sarah Palin so far. In every speech she has given since her acceptance she has repeated a few sharply written lines that connect. True or not, they are connecting with the American public. John McCain is also repeating those messages in every speech and town hall meeting he attends.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have no message. They must always explain their positions. They must always discuss issues. When were they succeeding in this campaign? When Barrack Obama used the phrase 'Change'. Now that the 'change' message has been stolen by Sarah Palin the Democrats are left with no message.

In 1992 Bill Clinton, advised by James Carville, had a message. 'It's the economy stupid'. Repeat. They stuck with that message no matter what the Republicans threw at them. And as we all know, Bill Clinton won.

This year, if Barack Obama is to win the election his campaign advisers must come up with a few very clever slogans that connect with the Americans. Focusing on the issues is not important. The Democrats need to learn, it's the slogans stupid.