Glory Days, Well, They Pass You By
Rumors that Britney Spears would unveil a new dance number at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards were denied again by her current manager, Larry Rudolph. He said a tape leaked to the media showing the pop star rehearsing was simply footage of Britney working herself into shape for future performances.

The news was received with relief by the millions of viewers who watched last year's event, unable to look away from the train wreck that was to have been Spears' big comeback. Both timing and skill were abandoned as Spears could neither perform the moves nor stay near the pace of her backup dancers.

A U-tube release of a Spears show containing the actual "singing" she does into her microphone hasn't helped the attempts to revive the Spears money machine for producers. In the recording, the pre-recorded version played through the speakers at the venue can be heard in the background, while Spears huffs and puffs, wheezing through an off-key
version not worthy of a saloon karaoke singer.

In defense, Spears is dancing throughout, but, as Elton John told Madonna, "The audience paid to hear you sing, not watch you do yoga."

Spears' personal life has been a disaster over the last several years, featuring a one-day annulled marriage, another marriage to untalented backup dancer Kevin Federline, a strange symbiotic relationship with the paparazzi, bizarre events leading to her legal stewardship granted to her father, and the custody of her children given to Federline.

Although Spears has reportedly regained much of her senses, perhaps it is time to sit back and enjoy the millions she has in the bank. Teenage girls have moved on to new and fresh idols, and Spears was never a talent approaching that of, say, Christina Aquilera. The producers who manufactured her image and music have a much easier task inventing new "artists" than rebuilding old ones.

Relax and live the good life, Britney, and let the joke be on us, not you.