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The Character Assasination of Sarah Palin
By Jason Bennett
Published on 09/2/2008
Despite pleas and commandments from Barack Obama, his numerous supporters in the media are conducting as biased a smear campaign against Sarah Palin as any the Republicans have perpetrated in the past.

It only took seconds after John McCain's announcement that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be his Vice-Presidential selection before dirty rumors and mudslinging against her began. While Democratic candidate Barack Obama has, to his credit and honor, repeatedly called for rejection of personal attacks and a focus on issues, the supposedly unbiased media have engaged in the kind of dirty laundry hunts and false rumor mongering they themselves always attribute to Republicans.

Would-be pundit Keith Olberman found her lack of notoriety and experience to be an issue, cracking that when he heard the announcement, he thought they meant Monty Python comedian Michael Palin. This was precisely the stance Obama's camp wanted to avoid, as the Illinois Senator's meagre experience barely matches Palin's.

Next came whispers that Trig Palin, Sarah's four-month-old son who is afflicted with Downs Syndrome, was actually the child of Sarah's daughter, Bristol, and that the Governor had faked her pregnancy to avoid casting shame on the seventeen-year-old. In response, Palin revealed her daughter is pregnant and has been so since before Trig's birth, closing those unbelievably nasty rumors.

Now it is alleged that Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, seeking to have Alaska secede from the United States. However, records show that Palin has been a registered Republican since 1982. The sole connection between her and the separatist party is that, while mayor of Wasilla, she attended the group's convention in her town in her official capacity as mayor and in the performance of her duties.

Latest is the news that Todd Palin, her husband, was arrested for DUI in 1986, at the age of 22. Is this any more relevant than Obama admitting he tried marijuana as a youth? Is it not just proof that the candidate has real humans in her life, with all the foibles that implies?

What will be next, that Palin is a fembot created by Dr. Evil? At this point, there is no telling what a biased media might say... the same media that held the John Edwards infidelity story for months because they found it irrelevant that a man who campaigned on the strength of his family ties was cheating on his wife while she underwent chemotherapy. Oh, yeah, Fox is the only biased coverage, right.