Barack Obama Speech
For some reason MSNBC analysts Keith Oberman and Chris Mathews thought it a good idea to read long excerpts from the Barack Obama speech before the speech was given in Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado.

For some reason they thought this would create higher ratings, but their hasty reading of excerpts from the speech came off more like a bad movie that showed spoiled children who just had to go searching for their presents weeks before Christmas morning.

"I am outraged," says one former fan of MSNBC.
"I have waited an entire week letting my anticipation build for this speech, and an hour before it was to be delivered MSNBC decided to read it to us!"

The early reading of the speech could result in a spoiling of the significance of the moment to moment feeling the speech intends to evoke, according to fans. The effects are yet to be seen.

MSNBC, overanxious in their decision to read excerpts from the Barack Obama speech, could end up alienating the many viewers it gained with their formerly decent week long Democratic Conventional coverage.