No Jet Means New Ride For Diddy
Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and now Diddy, showed himself a true man of the people today by complaining on his blog about gasoline prices. Diddy, a sometime-rapper who is worth more than $300 million despite never having done anything of artistic merit, mentions the cost of fueling his private jet.

Diddy says that he needs to fly from New York to Los Angeles several times a month to pursue acting opportunities, and the round-trip cost is over $200,000. He goes on to whine that he has been forced to fly commercial (first class, of course) by the exorbitant price of gas.

those who have seen Diddy's previous film roles could do him a favor and tell him not to bother traveling to the West Coast. Diddy's acting consists of  monotone reading of dialogue, accompanied by facial expressions with the range of a rock. Yes, a rock, not the Rock, who Diddy makes look like Johnny Depp.

Diddy's outrage at having to fly the same way everyone else does demonstrates how self-centered this talentless jackass really is. The next time he produces something of value will be the first time. Hopefully, misguided fans will read about his gasoline woes and realize a dime spent on this jackass is a dime too much.