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John McCain Helped by Madonna Rejection
By Amy Ryan
Published on 08/26/2008
Madonna's virulent attack on John McCain may be a blessing in disguise for McCain, as alienation from the pop curiosity that Madonna has become may be be more helpful than harmful.

In a Presidential campaign that has featured attempts by both candidates to frame themselves as regular folks next door, Madonna's decision to slur John McCain can only be seen as helpful to his efforts. Madonna opened her new tour with depictions of McCain next to Hitler and Robert Mugabe, while showing Barack Obama among John Lennon, Ghandi, and Al Gore.

Madonna has been noted for bizarre behavior throughout her career, and in recent years that has increased. She has recently been in the news as a prominent figure in New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez's marital troubles. Although she denies having been sexualy involved with the baseball player, her marriage was seen as troubled at the same time.

Previously, Madonna was involved in a verbal spat with legendary musician Elton John, who was upset that Madonna lip-synched to recorded singing during her "live" shows. Madonna defended herself, saying some of the yoga moves she performed onstage precluded live singing, to which John replied that fans paid to hear her sing, not watch a yoga instruction class.

Madonna and her husband, movie director Guy Ritchie, adopted a child from the African country of Malawi in a controversial move that was opposed by the boy's relatives in his home country. A second Malawian adoption has been rumored, again with outcry that the grandmother of the suspected adoption subject protesting against attempts to take the child from native lands; this rumor has been denied by Madonna's publicist, who also denied initial reports of the first kidnapping.

Madonna is also noted as a fervent believer in the mysticism of Kaballah, one of the religions popular among New Age pseudo-intellectuals, like Scientology or worshipping crystals.

McCain supporters were rightfully outraged at the stage comparisons; one spokesman said, "It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”

Others were confused at the groupings. While the McCain side clearly was meant to loop an American war hero in with the worst dictators in memory, the positioning of Al Gore and Ghandi seemed strange, as one was a selfless follower of ideals who would starve himself to stay true to his beliefs, while the other is an egocentric and egotistical scaremonger who clearly doesn't skip a meal at any cost.

Still, McCain is probably secretly happy at Madonna's over-the-top attack. When trying to look like everyman's neighbor, it doesn't hurt to be attacked viciously by a multimillionaire freak who lives isolated behind castle walls while practicing strange and curious rituals. Thanks, Madonna!