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Miley Cyrus Will Be Hungover After Disney Birthday Bash
By Max Williams
Published on 08/24/2008
Miley Cyrus is turning sixteen, and unlike other child superstars she will not be spending her birthday boozing. Instead, Cyrus is likely to be hungover on excitement after her fundraiser party at Disneyland in California.

Cyrus Birthday Party To Benefit Youth Service America
Miley Cyrus will be sixteen years old and that is news that has to be scary for her father Billy Ray. With Cyrus already a star, she is entering the age of dating and boy crushes.

The younger Cyrus has turned her sixteenth birthday into a fundraising extravaganza. She will be celebrating her birthday by having Disney shut down Disneyland in California on October 5th for a fundraising birthday party.

Cyrus no doubt will be performing and she is sure to be hungover from the excitement after the birthday party. "I love roller coasters so this is my ultimate birthday," Cyrus told "Entertainment Tonight".

Youth Service America will be the beneficiary of the birthday party. Cyrus claims that "there's only one world and we got to take care of it." Because of that, Cyrus has made the decision to turn one of the biggest birthdays of her life into a fundraiser.

The organization that she is raising money for is dedicated to improving the lives of Americas youth. The organization focuses on children from five years old to young adults at twenty five.