Does It Have a Gravitational Field?
The word is that Kim Kardashian is prepared to give up much of her biggest asset. The would-be celebrity has told Radar magazine she is dieting and exercising to try to get into better shape, specifically by shrinking her enormous ass.

Kardashian has been rumored to have had butt implants, and her backside was often the target of photographers. But apparently enough is enough, and what was ogling has turned to ridiculing.

Kardashian is the daughter of an attorney who was a member of O.J. Simpson's defense Dream Team, and the step-daughter of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. She and her
family are featured on the reality television show, "Keeping Up with the Kardishians."

Although she has denied any surgical enhancements to her posterior, certain photo shoots in south Florida were said to have been arranged to show off the big new butt.

Kardashian became known to the public after the release of an "unauthorized" sex tape, featuring Kim and her former boyfriend, singer Ray J. The tape, distributed by hardcore Vivid Video, shows home footage of the two, including Ray urinating on Kim.

Paris Hilton was known to have compared Kardashian's ass to a gallon of cottage cheese inside a plastic garbage bag.