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Paris Hilton Sued by Movie Company
By Max Williams
Published on 08/13/2008
Worldwide Entertainment Group has a problem with Paris Hilton. The movie company is suing Hilton because they believe she did not live up to her obligation to movies that she was supposed to be promoting.

Paris Hilton has been featured in several of the worst movies released over the last few years. Now the company that produced one of those movies is blaming its failure largely on Paris. Worldwide Entertainment Group, the visionaries who saw the need for "National Lampoon's Pledge This!", are upset with Hilton, feeling she did see through her obligations to promote the film.

Hilton received $1 million to act in the film and serve as "executive producer". This open-ended Hollywood term for paying stars above the rate they get strictly for performance rewarded Paris for such actions as "reasonable promotion and publicity," activities which the suit alleges she did not complete.

Of course, anyone who was convinced that one more dime could be milked out of the National Lampoon brand, which has generated tens of horrible, unwatchable flicks for each "Animal House" or "Vacation" produced decades ago leaves their business judgment open to question.

Hiring Paris and expecting more than the draw of her name on the DVD boxcover also shows unreasonable expectations. In fact, Hilton attorneys might argue appearances and publicity moves by Paris could only have made things worse for the film.

After all, Paris is the star of "The Hottie and the Nottie", ranked number one on imdb.com as the worst movie ever. Certainly it can be demonstrated in a court of law that presuming a movie starring Paris would do anything other than disappear onto bargain shelves would be a sign of poor business acumen, to say the least.