Edwards' Folly
Rielle Hunter, the latest in what has become a lengthy list of supposed celebrities made famous simply for lack of sexual discretion, is now making headlines for her reputed swipes at Elizabeth Edwards. Edwards, the wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards, was undergoing very serious cancer treatments at the time her husband dallied with Hunter.

Hunter, who was hired by the Edwards campaign to produce videos, told reporter Jonathan Darman that Elizabeth "does not give off good energy" and wouldn't make eye contact when the two met. Hunter's espousal of New Age psychobabble left John Edward's mistake looking even more amazing in full context.

Elizabeth Edwards has an unusually high level of regard among political reporters and campaign staff. Hunter, meanwhile, was originally known
as Lisa Druck when she dated author Jay McInerney twenty years ago. McInerney has made no secret that Druck was his inspiration for the main character in his novel, "Story of My Life.'

McInerney portrayed the character as a wild party girl; he famously wrote that, for her first year in New York, all she did was "guys and blow." McInerney's novels, including "Bright Lights, Big City", generally trash egocentric elitist yuppies, disconnected from reality.

Perhaps that helps explain the name change from Druck to the more appealing Rielle Hunter, and some understanding of the heir to Ashley Alexandra Dupre's crown of infamy may be gleaned from her past. Yet, one can only think how little did we know John Edwards, that he slept with this offbeat character he denies having loved, while his family, upon whom his campaign was founded, teeters neglected.