Chef is Cooked.
Singer Isaac Hayes was found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor of his house adjacent to a running treadmill, and after being attended by emergency personnel, he was pronounced dead in Memphis at 2 p.m. Sunday. Hayes had just recently completed work on a film called 'Soul Men", starring Bernie Mac, who died yesterday.

Hayes was sixty-five tears old. He was best known as the composer for the soundtrack to the 70s movie "Shaft," and for voicing the character of Chef on South Park. He also played the part of the Duke of New York in "Escape From New York."

Hayes also wrote several classic songs, including "Soul Man", as
featured by both Sam and Dave and the Blues Brothers, and "Hold On, I'm Coming!"

After several years on South Park, Hayes and the team at the show had a falling out over an episode ridiculing Scientology. Hayes left the show, and the writers angrily used computers to put together the vocals for one last Chef appearance. On that program, Chef was revealed to be a pedophile, and then killed repeatedly while the chances of a return by Chef were debated aloud, answering emphatically not.

Later, it was rumored that the statements supposedly issued by Hayes against the show could not have come from him, as he had suffered a stroke shortly before the press release was issued.