Joshua Wins
The huge summer television reality hit "So You Think You Can Dance" came to an end on Thursday night. The competition was down to the finalists. It was Joshua who prevailed over the others and was crowned the champion.

The show received big ratings all summer long and the finale should be no different. There were several live routines throughout the finals show, with each of the finalists showing why they were still there at the end.

The Jonas Brothers made an appearance on the show. They performed their latest single which was received well by the audience. The eliminations
took place throughout the night.

The first finalist to go was Courtney. She is shown a montage of her seasons journey and then exits the stage. Second on the list of losers for the night was Katee. That came as a bit of a shock to some viewers.

That left only the final two, Twitch and Joshua. The show dragged out the results as long as they could, but finally, Joshua was chosen as the champion. Twitch was gracious in defeat.

Joshua receives $250,000 for his competition win. He is also rewarded with a role in the new movie "Step Up 3D". The film will be the first ever dance movie shot in 3D