Paris Hilton
Presidential hopeful John McCain and his advisers thought a good way to attack Democratic candidate Barack Obama would be to design a television commercial linking the Senator from Illinois to famous people not noted for their brilliance. The last thing they expected when they picked Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as their objects of derision was that one would strike back with wit and style.

Paris released a parody political ad yesterday that cleverly mocks McCain's ad and achieves a humorous, self-deprecating tone that may serve to put her career at another level. While sunning herself in a sexy swimsuit and heels, Hilton pretends to think being in McCain's ad entered her as a candidate
for President, and she gratefully thanks the "white-haired dude."

She repeatedly jabs at McCain's vulnerability over his age, noting that one of her differences with the Republican is that she "is not from the olden days." She then uses credible political jargon to argue for a compromise on the two candidates' energy proposals, and notes, "See you at the debates, bitches!"

For a celebrity known for poor acting and lacking talent, Hilton does a nice job of overcoming the reputation McCain wanted to exploit. She handles her part with aplomb, and trades on her sexy image while still poking fun at herself. Perhaps John McCain would be better served concentrating on Obama; Hilton may be more of a handful than anyone realized.