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Ingrid Casares is Madonna's BFF, Who She Introduced to Alex Rodriguez
By Dominique Sanchez
Published on 07/11/2008
Ingrid Casares is a Miami night club owner who was first famous for bringing androgyny to Miami, but now will be famous for being Madonna's yes girl and supposed lover, according to Madonna's brother's new book.

Madonna and Ingrid Casares May Have Been Lovers, Says Ciconne
Ingrid Casares is gaining her 15 minutes of fame due to the book that Madonna's brother has released. Christopher Ciccone is Madonna's brother, for those who don't know, and Ingrid Casares is a Miami night club owner who supposedly introduced Madonna to baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

The more interesting tidbit about this Miami goddess is that she is reportedly so enamored by Madonna that she basically acts as a slave to the ultimate pop star. Ciconne says in his book that Casares is a 'yes-woman' who would 'sit at (Madonna's) feet as if she were her slave." He even went on to say that he would not be surprised if Ingrid Casares and Madonna were lovers of a sexual nature.

That is about the extent of the gossip involving this night club owner. Supposedly, she first became famous amongst the hip crowds in the 80's for introducing androgyny to the club scene in Miami. Although others claim to be the first, Ingrid Casares is actually the first to bring this craze to the masses in Miami.

Ciccone's book is bringing alot of attention to alot of people, including himself, including Madonna, and now, including Ingrid Casares.