iTunes Error Messages Abound
Many lines are still forming at major Apple stores across the world and as more customers get there new iPhone 3G they are finding that they are unable to use all the features they look so forward to. One major message everyone is getting is at the iTunes store online. 'We Could Not Complete Your iTunes Request', is the message almost all new iPod 3G users are getting.

"I was so excited to get this new phone, and I am still excited, but not being able to buy any new iTunes to use on this new phone is driving me crazy," said one young excited new G3 phone user.

With the new phone comes a great deal of new software that is needed to upgrade all the software meant for earlier versions of
the phone. The reasons for the errors are unknown and most likely they will be fixed by the time this article hits the airwaves, however, for the moment being many new iPhone users are upset.

The iTunes activation servers help activate the new iPhones, as well as iPod and other hand-held Apple creatures. Some speculators say the large volume of updates all coming at the same time may have, perhaps, crashed the Apple servers. No response from Apple has been revealed, surely they are working hard to fix the issues.

"I have my new iPhone," said an Apple phone who was thrilled to be the first one on her block to get the new phone, "I just can't use it right now."

She was optimistic that the problems will be worked out soon enough.