This is NOT Abby Sacunas
A new website announced today that Abby Sacunas is a hot attorney, as in sexually appealing. Abby Sacunas discovered this today after typing in the search phrase 'hot attorney' into Google.

Abby Sacunas is actually an established attorney who works for the Cozen O'Connor law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She claimed the site that featured a picture of her claiming she was a 'hot attorney' was demeaning and sexist. She even talked of suing the site, however the site owners have
already taken down the Wordpress blog site.

This is only a story that will likely last for no more than 5 minutes and Ms. Sacunas is likely to not get her full 15 minutes of fame. She will, however, continue to litigate cases for her law firm.

According to her bio on the Cozen O'Connor website, Abby Sacunas graduated magna cum laude in 2005 from Syracuse University College of Law. Of course, she graduated with a law degree and was hired by the law firm that year. She has been working competently ever since.