Teddy Dupay
A former Florida Gator basketball player, Teddy Dupay, has been charged with aggravated rape after allegedly kidnapping a woman at a Utah resort. He will now need a top notch criminal attorney to defend himself in this supposed open and shut case.

Typically, crimes by major sports stars in Florida univesities stem from Florida State (FSU) and Miami (UM), but this time it is the central Florida college that will see its name distorted by the former basketball player's alleged misconduct.

A woman came forward a week ago to authorities who said she was attacked by Teddy Dupay, who is now 29 years old. The woman claims that she was taken from a Utah ski resort called Deer Valley and was beaten, punched, kicked and more after being raped by Dupay. The two have reportedly
been in a relationship for two years.

The investigators report that the woman who is alleging that Dupay raped her had bruises, scratches, fractured ribs and a black eye after the supposed incident.

Teddy Dupay will be arraigned in the 3rd District Court on Monday and is said to be in need of a great criminal defense attorney. They are major felony charges that could see Dupay put away for a long period of time, if proved guilty.

Florida State University (FSU) is the most synonymous name with sports stars who have run into legal trouble in Florida. They will be starting their football season with over a dozen members of their team suspended for misconduct of some sort.

This is the first time a Florida Gator, in Teddy Dupay, will be in major legal trouble as far as short term memory can remember.