David Cook

The American Idol competition has been over for a while now, but the stars of last season are not done performing. The top ten American Idol finalists have been on tour since the show ended.

As is customary with every season of American Idol, the top ten contestants hit the road soon after the competition is over. It is there that they get their first glimpses of what life on the road is like.

David Cook emerged as the winner of last year's competition, and he claims that it has been a great experience so far. "We're getting our feet wet a little bit and the crowds have been amazing," said


The crew has been traveling on tour buses, much like some of the top acts in music history have done. "The bus life is nice. It's kind of like sharing a larger room with each other. You get used to it pretty quick...Everyone is respectful of each other," said runner up David Archuleta.

The tour will continue until September 13th when they will wrap up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The traveling can be a bit hectic for those performers with families. "She's (his wife) coming out tonight and she went to Phoenix. she's going to go to New York and Miami and Dallas. The touch of a woman is never too far away," said David Johns.