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Will Smith Back On Top At Box Office With 'Hancock'
By Jason Bennett
Published on 07/6/2008
Will Smith is in the middle of a string that would make him a superstar if he was an athlete. His latest movie, 'Hancock', was first at the box office over the weekend. It was Smith's eighth consecutive film that began at number one.

Smith's Personalty Draws Fans To Theatres
It seems these days that it does not matter what role Will Smith takes on. The fact that he is in a movie is usually a recipe for success for any director. His latest film, 'Hancock', is at the top of the box office charts this weekend.

'Hancock' is a film in which Smith plays a damaged superhero. The offbeat superhero might be the draw for moviegoers, but most likely it is just Smith that draws them in.

'Hancock' is the eighth straight movie from Smith that has started #1 at the box office. The first one was back on July Fourth weekend in 2002, when 'Men in Black II' was on top.

He's just the guy everybody loves. Everybody wants to see what he's up to," said Sony Pictures Distribution President, Rory Bruer. Smith has a personality that is charming to most movie fans.

Behind Smith's action movie this weekend were 'Wall-E' from Walt Disney. It took in $33.4 million in sales on its second weekend. 'Wanted' from Universal came in third with $20.6 million in sales. 'Hancock' brought in $66 million.