Tila Tequila claims to be starring in her reality television show 'A Shot at Love 2' to find true love. If that was truly the case than the only deduction one can make was that she was heart broken in her season finale on Tuesday night.

Tequila had two choices left when the show began. Bo, the male, and Kristy, the woman. They both went on their last date with Tequila, and judging from her dress attire, the feeling was that she was leaning towards choosing Kristy.

The two women shared a passionate make out session in the hot tub, while Tequila and Bo had a date at a sports bar. Bo appeared to be the one more head over heels for Tequila
Then came the shocking conclusion.

Tequila sent Bo packing, a surprise to Bo. "I've been calling Tila my girlfriend for a long time now. I really do love Tila," said Bo. Maybe he will get his chance after all. Tequila was in for the shock of her life when she chose Kristy.

"You love that I'm honest and that I'm true to my feelings and true about who I am. If I take this key, I'm not being true," said Kristy. Tequila, visually stunned by the proclamation, responded, "Why would you do that now? Why would you put me through all this process?...I feel humiliated," she said.

Perhaps the heart break will wear off when the show's producer's come calling for her to do a season three.