Russell Simmons
The children of Russell Simmons will be living the good life for their entire childhood. Simmons and soon to be ex-wife Kimora Lee have worked out a child support deal that is mind boggling.

There is no doubt that Simmons is extremely wealthy. A lot of that wealth will now be spent on his children after Simmons and Lee reached a custody agreement.

Simmons will be required to pay $20,000 per month for each of his two children. The payments must continue until the children are nineteen and a half years old. There
are several ways that the payments would stop.

If either joins the armed forces, becomes self supporting by moving away from their mother, or gets married, the payments would end. That is just the beginning of the craziness.

Under terms of the agreement, Simmons must buy or lease a car worth at least $60,000 every twenty four months once the children can drive. Visitation rights were granted in the agreement, but not much. Simmons will be allowed one week out of every eight to see his children. Extra time will be added on holidays and in the summer.