Shaq Spouting Off Again
Shaquille O'Neal grew up in the toughest of environments. His father was a military man who instilled the strictest of discipline in his son. O'Neal has given credit to his dad for being tough and teaching him to be strong and persevere.

Today, Shaq's dad must hold his head high. The man that has fooled the media for all of those years through his fake smiles and witty one liners has finally showed his true colors.

A video was released on TMZ  showing O'Neal freestyle rapping. While most of the media focused on the part where he continually dissed Kobe Bryant, he was not the only target.

O'Neal also went after legendary basketball players Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The video had O'Neal blaming Bryant for his divorce, claiming Bryant was a rat.

Clearly O'Neal is a confused individual. He claimed to be hurt this past season while not being able to lead a horrendous Miami Heat team. Then, miraculously, he was healed shortly after the all star break when he was traded to Phoenix.

Shaq has a history of throwing his ex-teammates under the bus. He did it with Penny Hardaway in Orlando, then he did it to Kobe in L.A.. After leaving Miami, he had parting words for Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade.

For someone who grew up with such discipline, it is amazing how Shaq loses his composure so often. While other NBA stars are already readying themselves for the upcoming season, Shaq is busy being
a rapper. 

One of his lines from his freestyle rap read, "That's like a white boy, tryin to be more ni**a then me." It has been easy for Shaq to get away with this kind of behavior throughout his career because the media has taken to him.

Wondering if the public would have been as forgiven if it was Kobe saying he was better then MJ in the video? How about if Carmelo was caught in the video asking, "Kobe, how my a** taste?"

The statute of limitations for Shaq getting a bye in these situations has passed. It is about time he is held to the same standards as other athletes. His dad, the military man, must be proud that he raised a son with such class that he attacks Ewing and Abdul Jabbar, two of the best players to ever lace them up.

O'Neal backtracked when asked about the video, but that is only because he realized he was caught on tape while rapping. He certainly did not look like he was joking when he was exciting the crowd. That has always been his game, do the bad deeds, then blame others, or apologize with that wry smile.

He was dead serious when he said that Kobe ratted him out for cheating. The part he left out though was taking responsibility for his actions. Kobe did not cause his divorce, Shaq did. Kobe did not cheat on Shaq's wife, Shaq did.

Coming from a military family, one would think he was taught something about taking responsibility for one's own actions. Hopefully, one of these times the public will make him pay in the same way athletes such as Bryant and Carmelo have paid.