David Archuleta

David Archuleta had the kind of life changing experience over the past year that could forever change his perception on life. His run on American Idol made him so in demand, that he might be ditching high school for good.

Archuleta already withdrew from classes last year to continue his journey through the American Idol process. Having not finished last year, there was no certainty he would go back at all.

As of now, Archuleta has not signed up for classes at Murray High School. Classes are scheduled to begin on August 25th, and the school is not going to wait for Archuleta to finish his American Idol tour to begin a new year.

The rumor is that Archuleta will be home schooled, but that is just as good as saying he is dropping out. The Idol tour does not end until September,

and by then it will be time for Archuleta to focus on his new album.

It is not that there will be a shortage of money for little David. He will most certainly cash in on his Idol runner up finish. If he does not finish high school, however, it begs the question of whether there should be an age limit on the most popular show on television.

Not everyone gets all the way to the finals, and for some kids chasing their dreams could severely hurt their education. Stardom is not guaranteed, an education is. The results of Archuleta's decision of whether or not to finish school could be one that sways other teens that look up to him.

For Archuleta the decision could end up being an easy one since he has already received fame and the fortune will soon follow. For other, however, the example he sets could have devastating effects.