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Funeral Services Will Be Held On Tuesday For Tim Russert
By Jason Bennett
Published on 06/17/2008
Tim Russert's unexpected death has sent shock waves through the news community. On Tuesday, he will be remembered at services in Washington D.C. at St. Albans School, Cafritz Refectory.

Russert Delivered The Hard Hitting Questions
Tim Russert will be remembered on Tuesday at funeral services that will be held in Washington D.C., according to NBC. The public services will be at St. Albans School, Cafritz Refectory.

The Meet The Press anchor died tragically on Friday of an apparent heart attack. Russert's death sent shock waves throughout the news community. He was one of the most respected journalists on television.

Russert was known for delivering tough questions to his guests, but was never one to be considered unfair. Guests that went on television with him knew to be prepared, because Russert would be.

He often used the technique of using his guests former words to get to the bottom of debates. When a guest had flip flopped on an idea, Russert usually was there to point it out. While he was tough, he was considered to be extremely knowledgeable on his subjects.

"He may have been the ultimate Washington insider, but he wasn't part of the brie and wine set. He was part of the beer and hot dog set. And that's why America loved him. They saw themselves in Tim," said NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker, to PEOPLE.

A televised memorial as well as public and private services are set for Tuesday.