R. Kelly Acquitted
R. Kelly has once again escaped the claws of the legal system. On Friday, Kelly was acquitted on all charges related to his child pornography case.

The jury in the case deliberated for four hours before coming down with the verdict. In the end, Kelly's legal team was successful in convincing jurors that the three women and nine men who identified the girl in the tape were inconclusive.

"Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus," Kelly was whispering while crying after he heard the verdict, according to his lawyers. While his team of lawyers did their job, several jurors felt that something was missing.

claimed afterward that without the girl testifying against Kelly, it was impossible to come to a guilty verdict. "All of us felt the greyness of the case," said one juror, in the courtroom after the verdict was read.

There were many witnesses that appeared for both the prosecution and the defense. Members of Kelly's family testified on both sides of the trial, some for prosecution, some for the defense.

The bottom line was the jurors could not come to an agreed conclusion that it was Kelly in the sex tape that started this trial. Their inability to connect the person on the tape to being Kelly, eventually led to his being acquitted on the charges.