Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio made his fame by starring in the movie 'Titanic'. The movie propelled him to A list stardom, and has gave him the right to pick and chose his films.

His latest choice will be about the video game world. He will star in a movie that will chronicle the life of Nolan Bushnell, the man who created the Atari corporation, and also led the way into the video game era.

Bushnell started out as a repairman who went around fixing pinball machines.
He then became one of the central figures in what has now become a billion dollar industry.

DiCaprio adds this upcoming movie to an already heavy plate. He is involved with Akira, Brave New World, Fleming, and The Low Dwellers. The Atari project was picked up by Paramount last week after being pitched by Craig Sherman and Brian Hecker.

Bushnell not only was a co-creator of the Atari empire, but also founded Chuck E. Cheese. The movie Atari will tell the story of Bushnell's rise to fame.