Pregnancy Rumors False
Entertainment Tonight gets their breaking news right for the most part. What they did the other day in regards to Angelina Jolie's child birth, however, was neglect facts that were given to them.

Several hours before the show aired, Jolie's assistant Holly Goline informed the show that the person they had received their information from was not her. She alerted them that it was an impostor. They ran the show anyway.

The celebrity news magazine denied that they were told about the hoax. "'Entertainment Tonight' was told before the broadcast that their information came from an impostor,"
said a person speaking to the Associated Press on conditions of anonymity.

The show claims that they were duped, and that they will try and determine how that occurred. "'Entertainment Tonight' takes this very seriously and is, of course, concerned that the show may have been victimized by someone allegedly posing as a member of Ms. Jolie's team. We are actively investigating the matter and are reaching out to law enforcement agencies," the show said in a statement.

While the rumors were false about the childbirth, the Jolie and Pitt watch is still on. There has been no word as to when Jolie will be delivering her twins.