Barack Obama
Barack Obama was already on his way to becoming the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. What happened on Saturday only solidified the chances he will, indeed, become the nominee.

Officials from the Democratic Party agreed on Saturday to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida. Although they will be seated at the convention, their votes will only be counted as half votes.

The vote today dealt a severe blow to Hillary Clinton's bid to become the Democratic nominee. Clinton's camp was pushing for all of the delegates to be seated and to
be counted in full.

There was no way that was going to happen, so the officials came up with a compromise that would allow all the delegates to be seated. Clinton picks up delegates in the agreement, but the decision was much more valuable for Obama.

Obama moved to within sixty six delegates of clinching the nomination. While it is considered a long shot, he could reach that number through the next three primaries. They will be the last primaries before the convention.

Many Democrat leaders are urging Clinton to step aside, this way the Party can move on with uniting for the election in November.