The 'Lost' finale on Thursday night was expected to give some answers into the future of the show. Many had wondered if the show would even be back for another year.

After the finale aired Thursday, the answers to all of the popular questions about the show were still lingering. Would there be another season?, and where would that season lead?

The only answers that were revealed was that there most certainly would be another season of the show. What would happen on those future episodes is something that will be talked about for the entire summer by the show's fans.

The man in the casket that had viewers on the edge of their seats for
the entire finale turned out to be John Locke. No answers were revealed, however, as to how Locke died or how he got to Los Angeles.

The ending of the show suggested that a return to the island could be in the future of all involved. Ben tells Jack in the funeral home that if he wanted to go back to the island, all the survivors must go back with him. Jack proclaims that he could not even find a couple of the survivors, but Ben insists they must all go back.

While proclaiming that, Ben tells Jack that Jon Locke must also go back, to which the season ends.

The future of 'Lost' is unknown, but what is known is that another season will follow, with answers to many a person's questions.