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George Clooney Flying Solo Once Again After Break Up
By Jason Bennett
Published on 05/29/2008
George Clooney is one of the most popular celebrities inn the world. He is also one of the most coveted by woman. They may once again get their chance after reports surfaced of a break up between Clooney and girlfriend, Sarah Larson.

Clooney Still Has Bet With Michelle Phiffer Over Marriage
One of Hollywood's most sought after bachelors is available once again. George Clooney, who already had a reputation of being a lady's man, is once again on the market.

Reports have surfaced that claim that Clooney and his girlfriend of the past year, Sarah Larson, have called it quits. The move is not surprising considering where Clooney met Larson.

She was a cocktail waitress in a Las Vegas bar when Clooney met her celebrating his birthday a few years ago. Last year, the couple became romantically linked.

Clooney has never been known as one to settle down. He has had several bets in his past on whether or not he would get married. He currently has one riding with Michelle Pfeiffer that started at $100, but has now grown to $100,000.

This time around the perception was the romance was serious. Larson even accompanied Clooney to the Oscar's this year, fueling speculation that an engagement was on the horizon.

Reps for Clooney did not confirm nor deny the break up rumors. "We do not comment on George's personal life," said the spokesman.