David Cook

The American Idol competition started way back last year. The judges and the show's producers traveled around conducting tryouts at arenas around the country. Now, it will be the top ten finalists who will be filling those arenas.

American Idol concert tickets are now on sale and as is the case with the show itself, the tour is extremely popular among fans. Whether it was Chikeze Eze or Kristi Lee Cook, all of the top ten will be on the tour.

David Cook, this year's winner, of course will headline the show. David Archuleta, the runner up, will also be making his presence known with his powerful vocals.


concert tickets are going fast for the tour. Arenas around the United States are selling out with fans wanting to see their favorite Idol live.

With the promotional powers of FOX and the power of the show, American Idol concert tickets are hard to come by these days. In some areas where it is hard to get tickets, it will leave people to try and get tickets from scalpers on the day of the concert.

No matter who fans were pulling for to win, the American Idol concert is something that is a must see. All of the Idols will be performing their top hits from the competition. They will play together as well at certain points in the show.