Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars has ended for this season. That leaves viewers wondering who will be the next group of celebrities that will be contestants on the show.

There are many a celebrity to chose from, but there must be a good balance of athletes, actors, and well recognizable people. The list is plentiful, but here are a few people who just might get the call.

Danny Devito. He has a well known name, and has been in the spotlight for some time. People would enjoy watching his wise cracks after the judges rate his performances.

interesting choice would be Chef Gordon Ramsey. It would be highly amusing watching him be critiqued instead of doing the critiquing.

For the sports world, a couple of coaches come to mind. Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight would both fit the bill of being high profile, though it is most likely neither would be willing to give it a go.

Whoever the next dancers are, America will tune in. The show has become an American staple just like American Idol, and people will be waiting anxiously to hear who the next group of dancers will be.