David Cook Wins
American Idol fans will have to spend money on American Idol concert tickets if they want to continue to see their favorites from this season perform. This edition officially came to a close on Wednesday night, and the result was somewhat surprising.

For his consistency and his rock style, America has made David Cook their newest American Idol. He beat out mellow ballad singer, David Cook, for the title.

With their performances throughout the season, producers should have no problem selling American Idol concert tickets for the upcoming tour.

Archuleta was given high praise by the judges on Tuesday night. While on most finale shows, the judges try to stay as impartial as possible, such was not the case on Tuesday.
Even so, Cook took the title after Simon Cowell apologized to Cook for being disrespectful in the show the day before. The sincere apology by Cowell was almost as shocking as the result.

The judges overwhelmingly favored Archuleta in his head to head match up with Cook. Simon Cowell even went as far as to say that Archuleta delivered a knockout on the night.

Voters, who are usually heavily persuaded by Cowell, this time disagreed with the infamous judge. Cook now gets to prepare for the upcoming tour as the champion of this year's competition.

It is likely the tour will sell out quickly and it will be tough for fans around the country to get their American Idol concert tickets. They will be sure be looking forward to Cook's version of his first hit, "This Is the Time of My Life".