American Idol
American Idol wraps up one of their most successful seasons to date tonight. The finalists had an equal following for most of the competition, and the results could have gone either way.

David Archuleta and David Cook have wowed judges for the better part of this season. Cook for his originality, and Archuleta for his tremendous vocals.

In the finale last night, the judges ruled heavily in favor of Archuleta. Simon Cowell, who has the
biggest influence on voting, claimed that Archuleta delivered a knockout on the night.

With the results show just a small time away, there is only speculation as to who will become the champion. The best estimation that could be made is that Cook will have to overcome a tremendous judges beating from Tuesday to become the champion.

Archuleta appears to be headed towards the title, while both contestants will begin preparing for their upcoming tour and new found fame.