David Cook
American Idol fans watched on Monday night as Dancing With The Stars completed this season. The performers all performed well, but only one was able to become champion.

The same pressure is on Idol finalists David Cook and David Archuleta tonight. Both will be looking to deliver knockout performances and gain enough momentum from the judges.

Simon Cowell no doubt has a big role in who will win the title. His critique is usually followed very closely by voters, and one bad review of a performance tonight could spell
doom for one of the David's.

Cook has emerged as the favorite to win. He has been steady throughout the competition. In the past few weeks he has become a little safe in his performances, and it might have allowed Archuleta to close the gap.

Archuleta has had no problem vocally throughout the competition. The only challenge he faces is doing something convincing enough to make voters believe he is worthy of winning.

Cook will most likely deliver the more energetic performances, and that should carry him to the American idol championship.